First Aid for Candidate-drivers

Since 2003 the Bulgarian Red Cross has been training candidate-drivers in first aid. The course was certified with EFAC certificate issued by the European Reference Center for First Aid Education of the IFRC/RC - Paris, France in 2006. This certificate is recognized in all EU countries and is valid for 5 years.

Designed for: all citizens who are in procedure to obtain their initial driving license.

Duration: 8 hours - The ratio theory/practice is 55/45%

Training manual: 64 colour pages

1. Anatomy and physiology of the vital organs and systems /respiratory, central nervous, muscular - skeletal, cardio vascular systems etc./
2. Assessment of the general condition of the casualty - by checking the vital signs - consciousness, pulse, breathing.
3. Bleeding. Shock. How to stop the bleeding. Wounds. Type of the wounds.
4. Brain, chest, abdominal and spinal trauma. Immobilization.
5. Ensuring safety on the scene. Evacuation of the casualty. 


First part - duration 4 hours
Subject 1 - Short acquaintance with the anatomy and physiology of vital organs and systems of the human body- topic, function, interference.
Subject 2 - Main vital signs. Normal values. Recovery position. Clinical and biological death. Demonstrations on mannequins /right – wrong/. Role play.
Subject 3 - Bleeding. How to stop the bleeding. External - internal hemorrhage. Hemorrhagic shock. Bandages. Types of bandages. Practical exercises.
Subject 4 - What to do in case of head, neck or abdominal injuries. Traumatic shock.
Subject 5 - Safety measures. Ensuring safety on the scene of the accident. Evacuation of the casualties.

Second part - duration 4 hours
Practical exercise - cases of acute disorders of the respiratory and cardio- vascular systems, wounds and bleeding, bone fractures. Evaluation of the practical skills on mannequins.

Third part – duration 30 minutes
Evaluation of the theoretical knowledge by completing a test with 15 questions. Successfully passed the test are those who completed at least 12 correct answers. Discussions on  the test.