Macedonian Red Cross delegation
The Macedonian Red Cross delegation arrived in Bulgaria for a 2-day visit

12 – 14 April 2019, Sofia

The Macedonian Red Cross delegation arrived in Bulgaria for a 2-day visit. During the joint session of the two leadership, were signed agreements of cooperation between the branches of the two National Societies: Shumen-Bitola and Yambol-Kavadartsi.

The regional structures agreed to develop the interregional cooperation, accentuating on disaster preparedness, first aid training, youth activities and social support to the vulnerable people.

During the session were discussed potential opportunities for joint activities in case of disasters and crises. Different presentations showed the experience of the two National Societies in disaster preparedness and their cooperation with governmental institutions. It was underlined the need of stronger operational cooperation between the organizations and awareness about the structures, not only on the leadership level, but also on expert level. The teams of the two national societies will be able to work together, only if their structures are aware of the opportunities, activities and procedures of their partners.

There was also a presentation about the water-life saving, showing the participation in different prevention programmes at schools according to the children’s age. In addition were presented best practices of the BRC and MRC in fundraising and in disaster response, including different mechanisms of the raising funds and the main humanitarian causes and partners of the BRC.

During the second day of  the delegation visited the Central Warehouse of the BRC and the National Training Centre – Lozen. Additional discussions were held about the psychological support, integration of the trained staff in real situations, motivation of the volunteers and staff members.

The two National Societies accepted the calendar programme for joint activities according to the accepted in 2018 Activity Plan 2019-2020 and according to the resigned in 2017 Agreement between the BRC and the MRC.