Bulgarian Red Cross Act 

Promulgated, SG No. 87/29.09.1995, supplemented SG No. 44/12.05.1999, amended, SG No. 54/31.05.2002, effective 1.12.2002, SG No. 108/29.12.2006, effective 1.01.2007, supplemented, SG No. 41/22.05.2007, effective 22.05.2007 

Art. 1. (1) The Bulgarian Red Cross shall be the only national organisation of the Red Cross on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. It shall be part of the International movement of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent.

(2) The Bulgarian Red Cross shall implement its activity in compliance with the Bulgarian legislation, with the provisions of the Geneva conventions of August 12, 1949, the Additional protocols to them from June 8, 1977, as well as with the basic Red Cross principles, established by the international conferences of the Red Cross. 

Art. 2. (1) The Bulgarian Red Cross shall be a legal entity, registered under the Persons and Family Act with a in Sofia...

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