Strategy 2020 of the BRC

STRATEGY 2020 of the Bulgarian Red Cross

Strategy 2020 of the Bulgarian Red Cross in its essence is an integral study, based on the fundamental principles and values, on the philosophy and the essence of the International RC/RC Movement and on the Strategy 2020 of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which implements the necessary specifications in the light of our society achievements in the past decade, outlines the vision and the strategic aims of our National Society until 2020 and the main approaches and activities for their successful achievement at the end of the period. It is based on a profound social and economical analysis of the external environment and systematic review of the multilateral characteristics and expressions of the institutional or the so-called internal environment for the organization development.
The Strategy is characterized by strong internal interconnection between developing of the overall framework of our “organized effort” to assist people in need and up-to-date phrasing of our “ideas”, values, and the ways in which they reach the public and turn into an efficient means of humanizing society and a real contribution for achieving the Millennium goals. This document’s potential readers and users are representatives of all Bulgarian population strata. It is addressed to our members and volunteers, to the leaders and public figures, to followers and partners on national and local levels and for them it should be easily comprehensible, inspiring and providing opportunities for identification and for affiliation with the organization’s values and causes.
The fair and correct approach to the lesson learnt during the period of BRC Strategy 2010 implementation, combined with the clear and theoretically well-grounded outlining of global tendencies in the rapidly changing modern world, provide us the opportunity to formulate the Vision of our organization, which in the best way reflects the principle “From global thinking – to local action” and focuses our efforts towards “efficient fieldwork” – towards creating capacity and conscious setting of the members of the empowered communities to work for the alleviation of human suffering and to become the most important resource of their own development.

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