Disaster Preparedness

  • BRC works for increasing the population’s preparedness to act in case of disasters and together with he Civil Defense bodies prepares first aid formations and also renders first aid.
  • In order to achieve it goals BRC works to increase the organization capacity and to improve the coordination during disasters and accidents (crises).
  • BRC is included in National Disaster Plan.
  • The organization assists the state in the humanitarian activities protecting and strengthening the population’s health in case of disasters and accidents (crises). BRC rendering humanitarian aid in case of natural and technological disasters and accidents.

Forces and resources for preparation for response at disasters and accidents

Regular organizational personnel
BRC personnel fulfilling the annually updated BRC Plan in case of disasters, accidents and crashes/crisis.
For rescue activities and population support in case of disaster were created:
1. National operational HQ – including - National Disaster Response Team and National Water Life Saving Team
2. Regional (Local) operational HQ's – including Volunteer Disaster Response Teams

National Disaster Response Team
BRC National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) is a volunteer rescue team created to support BRC disaster relive activities. The main NDRT goal is to support National organization in the humanitarian activities protecting and strengthening the population’s health in case of disasters and accidents (crises).
Volunteer Disaster Response Teams
Volunteer Disaster Response Teams (VDRT) are formed to support the organizational structures in case of disasters.
To make the activities of the organization better and more operational in case of disasters and accidents, some rules and instructions were created in order to regulate the activities of he BRC voluntary teams and the ways to render aid to the victims.
Members of Regional Disaster Response Team
Regional Disaster Response Team consists voluntaries from different national organizations, is exists, and based in Budapest and subordinate to the Regional European Office of the IFRC/RC (zone Europe). The aim of the team is to support National Societies in the Region to assess in different disaster situations.
Organized and spontaneous Voluntaries in Disasters Situations
Volunteers from other regional BRC organizations - not affected from disasters
Mountain Rescue Teams
National and Regional Water Life Saving Teams - The members of these teams were trained to act in case of floods and white water.
Youth Volunteer Disaster Teams
Member of refugee and Migrant Service
Professional Teams for First Psychological Aid

Partners – with government and non-government organizations

BRC have at his disposal one Central and 3 Regional warehouses for disaster response

Contact person:
Jassen Slivensky
Head of Disaster Management
Tel.: +359 2 81 64 773
e-mail: dp@redcross.bg