System for monitoring and evaluation


In accordance with the latest Strategy of BRC until the year 2010 and the goals regarding the development of the organizational potential set therein, one of the main priorities for the new BRC structure was the establishment of a comprehensive system for the monitoring and evaluation of projects and activities within BRC. Created as an adequate institutional tool for evaluation and self-evaluation on the organizational level, the system for evaluation of regional red-cross structures is a set of evaluation criteria, which de-facto represent the international standards for a well functioning organization. Based on those criteria, management and monitoring personnel, employees, members and volunteers can gain a clear sense of the status of their organization and are thus able follow a systematic approach in achieving the desired standards.In relation to the recently introduced evaluation system, a new office called “Monitoring, Evaluation and Strategic Planning” was created under the authority of the “Organizational Development” department. This office has the responsibility to carry out the necessary inspections of the regional organizations of BRC and to report the results to the National Council and the remaining concerned parties. A team of specialists for intraorganizational evaluation was assembled in order to assist in the assessment of the BRC projects. The team consists of regular employees and volunteers of national and regional significance. Each member has a proven background of experience and expertise in their respective field of duty and is capable of providing impartial and extensive verdicts regarding the status and execution of the projects under evaluation. The expert team relies on a variety of methods and technologies for collecting relevant data, with interviews, official documents and on-site visits being the most prominent sources information. The flexibility of this evaluation and monitoring model allows teamwork to be applied for providing methodological assistance on each organizational level; for the undertaking of timely course-correcting measures during project execution and for the adoption of the general team-work approach as a transition phase to the implementation of the participant-based project and activity planning.
А knowledge database, that hosts the accumulating experience and reports on the organizational development, is operational and serves as an important tool for accelerating the processes necessary for the achievement of higher institutional capacity and modern corporate culture within the BRC.
Strategy of BRC until the year 2010