BRC and BILLA Bulgaria with the "Buy and Donate" campaign will be in support of the victims of the conflict in Ukraine

Every customer of the chain can join the initiative by donating durable packaged food products
From March 10, the "Buy and Donate" campaign of BILLA Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Red Cross will be under the sign of empathy and support for refugees from Ukraine.
The retail chain is sending the message "Let's help Ukrainian refugees together" and within a month will promote the collection of durable food products in the well-known shopping carts in the checkout area of the stores.
Any customer who wants to support the initiative can do so by purchasing durable packaged foods, including canned vegetables and meat, flour, legumes, pasta, sugar and oil. BILLA organizes the collection of donated products in specially branded carts, and will also be committed to adding additional ones to the already generated quantities.
"In these difficult times, our team remains sympathetic to the tragedy of millions of Ukrainian citizens forced to flee their homelands. We believe that our clients will support this campaign because they have proven their commitment to all vulnerable groups over the years. That is why there is no better time to address them with the words "Let's help together" and motivate them to contribute, in the name of meeting the basic human needs of refugees from Ukraine, "said Vigintas Shapokas, Executive Director of BILLA Bulgaria.
The chain undertakes to hand over the donated food products in each of its sites to the regional organizations of the Bulgarian Red Cross. In turn, the teams of the organization distribute the quantities according to the needs of the beneficiaries on the ground. The current edition of the Buy and Donate initiative is another step BILLA is taking to support Ukrainian citizens. At the beginning of March, the chain made a donation in the form of essential hygiene products worth a total of over BGN 13,000. It provided 110 boxes of humanitarian aid with products from its own brands - Clever, BILLA and Today, for the campaign initiated by The Ukrainian Red Cross in the first days of hostilities.