At the group level, eMAG is actively involved in fundraising and humanitarian assistance to the affected population of the conflict in Ukraine, joining forces and resources with various organizations to support the most vulnerable groups. eMAG Bulgaria joins the national campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross to raise donations, providing free of charge the significant resources of the platform to raise awareness of the initiative and the opportunities for donations to the Bulgarian Red Cross through the platform. With the support of eMAG, the call to action can reach over 250,000 users per day on the emag.bg website and the eMAG mobile application. Through a special newsletter, the information will reach over 230,000 users, as well as over 450,000 followers on eMAG's social media profiles. A special option has been added to the platform, allowing direct donations for the humanitarian campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross . The funds raised will be used to provide basic necessities for the needs of the victims of the conflict in Ukraine.
At the group level, eMAG Romania also supported the sending of a special humanitarian convoy under the auspices of the Romanian Red Cross in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. 5 of the 6 trucks in it, containing food, sanitary and essential materials of a total value of over BGN 210,000 (550,000 lei) are provided by the company. The convoy with humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian civilian population, which urgently needs support on the spot, left Bucharest on March 2, 2022, and its passage was agreed with the governor of the Chernivtsi region in Ukraine.
Empathy has no face, nationality or borders, and the eMAG group of companies will continue to support victims of the war.