Run to raise awareness and money for the children in need!
"Run With Hope" is a charitable initiative by Nikolay Neshev which with running will raise funds for the Bulgarian Red Cross and its program "Hot Meal". This concept is not new for the big marathons around the world and in recent years make its way in Bulgaria.
Running long distances with a noble cause is impressive and many people feel involved, so Nikolay is hoping to raise a minimum of € 3,000 to support the program "Hot Meal". He will attract foreign and Bulgarian companies as sponsors and with his efforts he hopes to motivate the public to donate more and more often amounts to support the program.

Nikolay will participate in as many marathons as possible to support the efforts of the Bulgarian Red Cross to return more children in school through a hot meal. He will run at Kerzers Lauf - 15 km.; Milano City Marathon - 42.195 km.; 20 km de Lausanne; Grand Prix von Bern - 10 miles; Bieler Lauftage 21.100 km. and Lausanne Marathon - 42.195 km. In training and races Nikolay will run over 1,500 km. by the end of the year.

Milano City Marathon 2013

Milano City Marathon was held on April 7, 2013 with the support from SIPA Group and Rialto Developments - official platinum sponsors of the initiative "Run With Hope". They donated € 1,000 each for the program "Hot Meal", translating into 1,000 free lunches for children in need.

The marathon was attended by approximately 5,000 people, of whom 3,513 had finished - 3,113 men and 400 women. The winner finished with a time of 2:09:25, while the ladies best time was 2:32:54. Nikolay Neshev finished with a time of 3:44:27, which puts him 1,555th in the overall standings and 1,473rd among men.

First Platinum Sponsor
SIPA Group is a Swiss registered company with its main office in Lausanne. It offer investors and end-users access to unique real estate projects in new and growing markets. Through its network of international developers and construction firms, SIPA selects high-end residential building projects in prime locations with affordable entry prices and very high building and design standards.

Second Platinum Sponsor
Rialto Developments is an international property advisory and development firm domiciled in the United Kingdom with representative offices in Geneva, Switzerland and Varna, Bulgaria. Its main business is development of high-end residential building projects and selected opportunities in the commercial sector. Engaged in large and medium sized projects, with uncompromising commitment to the best design and superior building quality.