The Bulgarian Red Cross follows with deep concern the situation in Greece
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The Bulgarian Red Cross follows with deep concern the situation in Greece and is in a permanent contact with the Hellenic Red Cross.

BRC joins the three-day mourning in Greece and has expressed its condolences to the Hellenic Red Cross and the Embassy of Greece in the Republic of Bulgaria.

In an expression of international solidarity, the Bulgarian Red Cross will transfer EUR 3,000 (three thousand) to the declared bank account of the Hellenic Red Cross to support the efforts of the national society to help those in need.

Excerpt from the IFRC Information bulletin regarding the situation in Greece and the activities of the Hellenic Red Cross.

Hellenic Red Cross has supported with first aid and relief item distribution. In the Gerania Mountains, in the municipality of Megara, the HRC has responded by mobilizing a force of Samaritan rescuers to set up a first aid (FA) station and provide FA services. The HRC Disaster Management unit has been monitoring the situation and has been in coordination with the municipal, state and other civil protection actors. In Rafina, the HRC has mobilised Samaritan rescuers, who have set up three FA stations. One station is located at the sports hall of the Municipality of Nea Makri, one outside the town hall of Rafina and one at the port of Rafina.

The Samaritans, following a request by the Mayor of Rafina, have given 40 blankets and sleeping bags in case there is a need for distribution at the sports hall of Rafina where people are directed for shelter. HRC is currently coordinating with the municipality regarding another 80 foldable beds that have been requested – 20 have been given to the sports hall as well while the other 60 remain available within close reach ready to be distributed.

RFL is in the field as well to support with missing persons.

The National Disaster Response Team (NDRT) of HRC has deployed one team member to assess the situation, and the NDRT team leader has been deployed to coordinate in the field. Four members of the Emergency Health Unit (EHU) have been deployed to assess the emergency health needs in Rafina.

The Social Welfare Division of HRC has deployed members from the Emergency Psycho-Social Support Unit (EPSSU) to support people affected as well as the responders. Furthermore, the HRC Cash Transfer team is doing an assessment.

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Bulgarian citizens in Greece can seek assistance, if necessary, at the telephone number announced by the Bulgarian embassy in Greece: +30 6937 096 220.

For additional information, please visit the webpage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, Situation Center: