The Bulgarian Red Cross launches a major information campaign about COVID-19
"Do it for the ones you love"

The initiative is part of the ‘COVID-19 Response Activities’ program  

The Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) starts a major information campaign related to COVID-19 under the tagline "Do it for the ones you love". It will be carried out in the period January - March 2021 with aiming to increase compliance with pandemic prevention measures and providing reliable information to Bulgarian citizens. It is part of the ‘COVID-19 Response Activities’ program of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (IFRC), funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Thanks to the program the Bulgarian Red Cross continues its support for vulnerable groups.

A series of activities will be implemented as part of the campaign, including online events and various other activities aiming to raise awareness of the introduced measures and the importance of complying with them. The name of the campaign – “Do it for the ones you love” – was chosen as it aims to engage personally and emotionally the Bulgarian citizens with the compliance with anti-pandemic measures in order to protect their loved ones.

To this date, more than 30,000 hygiene kits also containing personal protective equipment have been provided under the project, as well 2 500 activity kits for socially disadvantaged children.

“At the Bulgarian Red Cross we believe that only together, as a society, can we cope with today's challenging situation. That is why we are launching the information campaign "Do it for the ones you love" as part of our large-scale program to motivate more people to follow the measures and protect each other,” said Acad. Hristo Grigorov, President of the Bulgarian Red Cross. – Throughout its whole history the Bulgarian Red Cross has always helped the people and the institutions. Today’s global situation is no exception and we believe that we can succeed together.”

In addition to the these activities  the Bulgarian Red Cross will continue its other work supporting some of the most vulnerable groups in society. Among them is the Hot Meal Programme, through which 1 473 children from socially disadvantaged families will receive free meals in the coming winter months; distributing food packages for 470,000 socially disadvantaged citizens under the Operational Program for Food and / or Basic Material assistance; and the Home Care Programme for independent and dignified life for lonely elderly people.