The Bulgarian Red Cross launched a national charity campaign

The Bulgarian Red Cross launched a national charity campaign in support of people affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

You can donate via:

  • Online donation here

  • SMS to a phone number 1466 (1.00 BGN) for all service providers in Bulgaria.

  • Bank account in BGN:

Bulgarian Red Cross

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UNCRBGSF    (For people affected by the conflict in Ukraine)

For more information: Ekaterina Borissova, phone: +359 2 49 23 059; +359 2 81 64 772, and e-mail:">

Campaign for in-kind donations

Due to the constantly growing need of support for the population in Ukraine, the Bulgarian Red Cross launched a campaign for collection of in-kind (material) donations on February 27, 2022.

Most urgent are:

  • new men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and shoes;

  •  bedding;

  •  warm blankets;

  •  hygiene materials.

The donations will be collected at the branch offices of the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) nationwide (addresses and phone numbers here and for Sofia – at the Headquarters of the organization at 76, James Boucher Blvd. 

BRC appeals to Bulgarian companies and manufacturers with a request for help, and encourages those willing to donate to do so by provision of the abovementioned goods, as well as by any other means, depending on their capacity:

  • tents, heating equipment for tents, lamps/flashlights, batteries, generators.

For contact and information:

From 8.00 to 17.00, every day of the week:

Lyubomir Karakanovski, +359 2 4923 070;  Marina Shehova - +359 2 4923 027.


  • In relation to the many inquiries that were received following our pledge for support of the affected by the conflict in Ukraine, we inform you that starting on February 27, 2022 voluntary teams are assisting in collecting donations at all branch (district) offices of BRC. In line with the requirements for sending stocks and donations in times of pandemic, health guidelines by the WHO and the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies are followed. Whereby, all clothes, shoes, bedding, blankets, hygiene materials must be new. 

  • For donations of second-hand clothes, the BRC offers the possibility for donating them in textile containers carrying the logo of the organization, which are available all around the country.

  • BRC considers provided clothes not only a basic necessity, but also a way to preserve human dignity. BRC maintains an emergency stock, which can be additionally allocated if humanitarian needs persist over time. These stocks are treated in compliance with all sanitary requirements.

BRC has allocated 10 000 Swiss francs from its fund “Assistance in disasters, accidents and crises”  to the Emergency appeal of the IFRC in support of the humanitarian activities of the Red Cross/Red Crescent in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Thousands of people need our help now! Let us show them that together we can do more!

The campaign is carried out in partnership with bTV Media Group and bTV Radio Group