Activities of the BRC since the beginning of the conflict up to now


In the period, 1-27 March 2022 the BRC sent 15 trucks with humanitarian assistance through the Ukrainian Red Cross with more than 222 tons of donations, provided thanks to the National campaign of the BRC, consisting of clothes, blankets, household linen, shoes, medicines, consumables, hygiene materials, etc.     

More than 2770 volunteers and staff members of the BRC participated in the accepting and distribution of donations. 

Raised funds until 13 April 2022 –   3 525 815 BGN 

Supported more than 56 009 Ukrainian citizens, arrived in Bulgaria with materials from first necessity – food, water, warm blankets, household linen, clothes, children food and toys, medicines, consumables, hygiene materials, etc. 

The BRC works in close cooperation with the state institutions in the Crises Centres and border checkpoints in the country – Burgas, Russe, Varna, Dobrich, Sofia. 

The BRC also started providing individual financial support for people coming from Ukraine in accordance with the Rules for providing financial support to the Ukrainian citizens, accepted by the Commission for distribution of the raised from the National campaign of the BRC funds and coordinated by the specially established State Council.  

The provided financial support depends on the Ukrainian citizens’ needs – medicines on recipes, food and hygiene packets from first necessity are bought and it is being paid for medical care such as transportation of kid with serious diagnosis to the hospital in Germany. 

12 800 food packets at total cost of 800 000 BGN are being distributed now.  

The BRC is continuing to distribute for the needs of the Ukrainian citizens, accommodated in state or municipal institutions or in the Crises Centres, foldable beds with mattresses, blankets, household linen and pillows from its disaster reserve.  

Have been initiated:

- Hotline 0800 1 1466 for providing consultations and psychological support – more than 2957 supported people.

- National line 0800 20 101 on health issues, jointly with the Ministry of Health – more than 523 supported people.

Electronic register with options for accommodation of the Ukrainian citizens was published on the BRC website.

On the BRC website, there is a link for gesture-mimic translation in Ukrainian for Ukrainian citizens with hearing problems.  

In the BRC Headquarter  are received and processed applications for Family restoring links, wireless routers, chargers and SIM cards with mobile Internet are also being provided. 

The BRC works in close cooperation with the International |Movement of the Red Cross, the Ukrainian Red Cross and the Red Cross National Societies in Europe.