The Norwegian Red Cross expressed its gratitude to the Bulgarian Red Cross
The Norwegian Red Cross replied to the letter of the Bulgarian Red Cross in regard to the tragic events which led to a number of human losses

Dear friends,

We thank you for your warm condolences and sympathy after the incredible tragedy in Norway July 22.

We much appreciate your expression of solidarity and kindness in a demanding and difficult situation for the Norwegian people, and for the Norwegian Red Cross. As Norway is a small country, this tragedy has affected us all as a nation, as relatives, friends, neighbors or colleagues. We all have a connection to the victims in this horrible tragedy.

The Norwegian Red Cross is now reacting at full capacity in this terrible time. We have a large team of volunteers and boats assisting with both search and rescue and psychosocial support at the venue of the tragedy. The Norwegian Red Cross have assisted with ambulance support, first aid stations, blood donations and our Red Cross contact telephone for youth is working at full capacity. We have also mobilized volunteers nationwide to support the local community where the victims and their family and friends live, to make sure that they all receive the necessary support they need in the difficult times ahead of them.

We have and will in the near future do our best to try to alleviate the human suffering and sorrow that has struck our country, and we highly appreciate your expression of support in this work.

Yours sincerely,
Sven Mollekleiv

President André Støylen
Secretary General