Youth activities

The Bulgarian Youth Red Cross (BRCY) is a voluntary youth organization that is an integral part of the Bulgarian Red Cross and belongs to the International Youth Red Cross Movement. Through its volunteers throughout the country and through its training programs, activities and services, the BRCY includes children and young people in humanitarian values and principles, works to reduce their social and health vulnerability, advocates for their well-being and promotes tolerance and non-discrimination, respect for differences and cultural diversity.

The main activities of the Bulgarian Red Cross are in several areas:
  • Providing social assistance aimed at children and young people and providing services for them to support them and protect them from risks;
  • Activities to raise awareness of young people on how to maintain their health - prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, addictions, promotion of healthy eating and lifestyle and others;
  • Building skills for first aid in case of accidents and psychological assistance during disasters;
  • Promoting humanitarian values and tolerance of diversity.

The main approach that the BRCY uses to carry out its activities is through trainings and sessions held in schools, as well as campaigns and demonstrations.

For more information visit BRCY website