Fund for Victims of Traffic Accidents


In 2005, on the occasion of June 1 – the International Children's Day, empathize with the problems of road accidents, several institutions joined forces to help victims of traffic accidents. Driven by the desire to support innocent victims of the "war" on the roads and to alleviate their suffering, the Bulgarian Red Cross, Chief Department of Traffic Police, the Union of the Bulgarian Automobilists, the Bulgarian Football Union and the Bulgarian Professional Football League initiated the establishment of the National fund for supporting children – victims of traffic accidents.

The parties signed an agreement on cooperation in the prevention of road accident and to initiate periodic charitable and fundraising campaigns to provide financial support for the treatment and rehabilitation of children victims of traffic accidents.

Today members of the Fund are алсо: Chief Department of Traffic Police of тхе Ministry of Interior, State-Public Consultative Commission on Safety Issues, the Bulgarian Football Union, the Bulgarian Professional Football League, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Health, the Association of Car Manufacturers and their Authorized Representatives for Bulgaria, the Association of Automobile Importers, The Health Insurance Institute jsc, the Bulgarian Association of People Insured Against and Victims in Road Accidents, LevIns, Bulmedika. Under the motto “To save children on the road”, the partners in the Fund organize joint charitable fundraising initiatives that are distributed twice a year to the families of the children-victims of traffic accidents. From its establishment in 2005 up to now, the Bulgarian Red Cross has supported over 734 families of children-victims of road accidents with 425 977 BGN. In 2018 the Fund has supported 83 children.

The Fund also works actively in preventing road accidents and protecting the lives and health of Bulgarian children. Through the partners’ joint efforts lessons in road safety and first aid, quizzes on traffic rules, bicycle competitions and others, are organized.

Initiatives and campaigns:
  • Charity football match featuring football stars of the World Cup in 1994;
  • Charity Concert entitled "To Monique with love" aiming to raise funds to support the treatment of children injured in road accidents;
  • Charity Auction with art exhibits under the patronage of the Minister of Finance of Bulgaria;
  • Telemarketing and direct mail campaign;
  • Product campaign of the BRC and "Petrol" JSC;
  • Charity campaign with cards sold in gas stations "Lukoil";
  • Deductions from tuition fees and fund raising through charity boxes - Private school " Doris Tenedi " member of Care Partners Network of the Bulgarian Red Cross;
  • Payroll monthly donations from employees’ salaries of UniCredit Bulbank, Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria and Bulgarian Red Cross;

Our efforts are only a small part of what we can do together for the health and lives of the victims of traffic accidents.

IBAN in BGN: BG64UNCR 7630 1077 1341 33
UniCredit Bulbank
3, Kaloyan Str., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

For contact:
Еkaterina Borissova-Yovova
Head of FR and Marketing Unit
tel: +359 2 49 23 059