Multilateral Cooperation with RC Societies


BRC maintains contacts and works with all National RC/RC, aiming at unifying and coordinating the efforts of building the capacity of the National Societies to adequately react in cases of disasters, crises and conflicts. Variety of forums are held in many areas such as dissemination of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL), assistance to refugees, First Aid training, Home Care, youth activities, development of income generating activities, and others.

Since 2000 BRC is also a part of a multinational agreement of the Balkan National Societies for transborder cooperation and mutual assistance in disaster situations. This initiative involves the National Societies of Albania, Former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey.
BRC participates in various international forums such as the Central European Partnership Forum with the National RC Societies of Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania.

BRC is also a member of a number of international networks and platforms, such as PERCO (Cooperation platform of the European Red Cross National Societies, working with refugees, asylum seekers and migrants), ECRE (International network of NGOs, working with refugees and exiles), ILSE (International Life Saving Federation of Europe), IKAR (International network for exchange of mountain rescue know-how), ERNA (International RC/RC network on HIV, AIDS and TB), FAEEN (European Reference Center for First Aid ), European RC Network on trafficking of human beings, international network of RC/RC Tracing Services and others.