Let's Help
Charitable Easter campaign of Kaufland Bulgaria and BRC for raising funds to provide free meals at school for needy children
Bulgarian Red Cross join the national campaign Easter for Everyone Give a feast to grandparents
The Bulgarian Red Cross and BILLA Bulgaria started a joint charity campaign "Buy and Donate" to support the most vulnerable groups
Now you can donate old clothes and other textile fabrics in special buckets in Bulgaria.
For each sold square m. of roof-tiles, the company Technocim Ltd. donates 0.05 BGN for Hot Meal Programme of BRC.
Since March 2016 you can become a regular donor with monthly donations for Hot Meal Programme of BRC via mobile phone.
Over 12 000 children drop from school each year!
If someone's destiny has touched you and you are ready to help, warm his heart through the Charity Fund of the BRC