Unicart Chistmas Campaign

Christmas time is near – the symbol of the home, the family and the hope for a better future! It’s a holiday in each house! The Christmas tree is decorated, there re surprises for children and delicious food is on the table. The happiest of all are the children!

However for some children there won’t be any surprises, there won’t be even a Christmas tree. They are expecting just one their dream to come true – to have food each day on the table and to be able to go to school!

During the last year more than 12 000 children weren’t able to go to school due to the poverty. For some of them the free lunch at school is the only reason to go back to the classrooms, far from the dangers of the street.

With joint efforts we managed to bring back to school 13 000 children for the last 12 years, providing over 900 000 free lunches.

With each purchased charity Christmas cards of Unicart and the BRC you will send your greetings to your friend and relatives and at the same time you will make a Bulgarian child happy!

The gesture is worth!

Let the New 2018 brings to you and to your family health, successes and let your dreams come true!

Thank you for your support!