Youth Activities

The Bulgarian Red Cross Youth (BRCY) is a voluntary youth organization. It is an undividable part of the Bulgarian Red Cross and it is a member of the International Red Cross Youth Movement.

Through the work of its volunteers and its training programs, various activities and services, the BRCY advances humanitarian values among children and youngsters; it works for reduction of their social and health vulnerability and advocates improvement of their conditions.

BRCY successfully adapt to the dynamically changing environment by attracting and ever increasing number of members and volunteers especially amongst the youth above 18 and it increases the number of its clubs, mostly those on local level. Through the realization of its social and advocacy role, BRCY reaffirms its public profile and prestige amongst children and youth in the country and it is a preferred alternative for its meaningful public appearance.

According to the Statute of the BRCY, which was approved in October 1992, the young volunteers organize themselves in clubs, established along different lines, such as according to places of study (schools and universities), places of residence or according to the volunteers’ interests. There are youth structures in all the 28 administrative regions of Bulgaria. In every region the youth organization has a regional coordinator.
The highest decision making body of the BRCY is the National Assembly. It is comprised by delegates of the youth organization from the 28 regions. The sessions of the National Assembly are held on annual basis. Every four years the National Assembly elects the President of BRCY, the members of the Executive board and the members of the Control Committee.
Between the sessions of the National Assembly the BRCY is governed by the Executive Board, which is its executive and governing body. The Executive Board is comprised by the President of BRCY and six members, elected by the National Assembly.
The Regulatory body of the BRCY is the Control Committee. It is comprised by three members and its function is to the control the decisions of the bodies of BRCY regarding their consistency with the Charter of BRCY, the statute of BRCY, the decisions with the National Council and the internal documents for the organization.

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