From 12.04.2021 the Bulgarian Red Cross resumes the courses of first aid for road accident victims, the courses for candidates for lifeguards and the certification of their coupons according to the conditions described in Order № RD-01-220 / 08.04.2021 of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria and in strict compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.

In times of social self-isolation, we are not insured against various domestic accidents. The advice of Dr. Pencho Penchev will help us how to deal with them.

The Bulgarian Red Cross is an established leader and main partner of the state in preparing the population for first aid.
Since 2008, the training programs have been certified for quality by the European Reference Center for First Aid - Paris, France (EFAC) and the certificates issued by the Bulgarian Red Cross are valid in the EU for a period of 5 years.

Trainings are organized:

Basic course in first aid for candidate drivers
  • The training includes theoretical training and practical exercises within 8 school hours.
  • Students can purchase a specially designed study guide.

Basic course in first aid at the workplace
  • The course is designed for employees of enterprises and companies, state and municipal institutions and agencies.
  • The training on First Aid at the workplace is conducted according to an 8-hour basic program, or according to programs agreed with the applicant with different duration and content depending on the risks of the working environment in the respective enterprise or department. Most of the study time is devoted to learning life-saving practices and building practical habits and skills to act in different situations. Interactive forms are used in which the learners act in conditions close to the real ones and solve practical cases.
  • Students can purchase a specially designed study guide.

First aid for children up to 8 years of age
  • The course is designed to train staff of kindergartens and nurseries, babysitters, parents, leaders of children's camps, green schools and coaches.
  • The training is conducted according to a special 8-hour program developed by the Swiss Red Cross.
  • The doctors conducting the training are experienced pediatricians and have undergone special training by experts of the Swiss Red Cross.

Advanced first aid course for advanced
  • Since 2005 the Bulgarian Red Cross has started conducting specialized courses in first aid for the advanced.
  • The training program is 80 teaching hours and includes theoretical lectures and practical exercises within 10 working days.
  • The course is designed for citizens who have already undergone basic first aid training and for people with high-risk professions, firefighters, traffic police, ambulance drivers and others. The training is tailored to the specific characteristics of risky occupations and measures to prevent hazards.
  • Students are provided with a study guide.

Profession "Paramedic" BRC has the opportunity to conduct the following courses for paramedics:
  • specialty "Transportation of injured and sick people and first aid" with a code on the list of professions approved by the Minister of Education, Science and Youth - 723031 - II degree of professional qualification.
  • specialty "Transportation of injured and sick people, first aid and assistance in emergency departments" with a code on the list of professions approved by the Minister of Education, Science and Youth - 723032 - III degree of professional qualification.

The training will start at the end of April and will be conducted according to a program in accordance with the State educational requirements and approved by NAVET. It lasts 960 study hours, divided into three semesters.
Deadline for submission of documents: from 17.02.2020. to 24.04.2020

To receive information about the lifeguard courses, contact the regional councils of the Bulgarian Red Cross:

City SJC specialist phone
NUT - BRC Sozopol Eng. Koycho Koev 0550 2 25 12
Blagoevgrad Boryana Stoymirova 073 88 50 94
Burgas Anelia Grigorova 056 81 40 62
Varna Mariana Petrova 052 61 44 99
Veliko Tarnovo Rumyana Hristova 062 62 02 33
Vidin Momchil Petrov 094 60 60 95
Vratsa Krassimir Kostov 092 62 60 39
Gabrovo Stefan Stoychev 066 80 74 52
Dobrich Petar Andreev 058 60 24 32, 058 60 22 79
Kardzhali Plamen Latunov 0361 6 51 09
Kyustendil Nikolay Velchev 078 55 03 72
Lovech Plamen Mandev 068 60 35 22
Montana Georgi Zhivov 096 30 01 18
Pazardzhik Krassimir Georgiev 034 44 58 72, 034 44 56 50
Gingerbread 076 60 89 10
Pleven Vladimir Assenov 064 80 14 25
Plovdiv Stefan Tropchev 0885 244 909
Razgrad 084 66 12 56 |
Ruse Emil Tedeski 082 84 59 37
Silistra Bozhidar Abadjiev 086 82 30 80
Sliven Boril Dimitrov 044 62 51 33
Smolyan Stoyan Lazarov 0301 6 32 97
Sofia city Plamen Harizanov 02 81 22 826
Sofia District Rosen Vassilev 02 846 88 11
Stara Zagora Stanimira Marinova 042 62 26 68
Targovishte Dimitar Ivanov 060 6 22 50
Haskovo Silvia Lefterova 0887 290 516
Shumen 054 87 73 36
Yambol Dobriela Pramatarova 046 66 44 24