Are you looking for your family?

How we can help you:

Have you lost contact with a family member due to armed conflict, a natural disaster or another major incident?

Our main task is to help reestablishing the lost contact between family members, therefore:
  • If you are currently residing in Bulgaria
  • If you are separated from your family due to wars, armed conflicts or disasters (natural and manmade)
  • If you don’t know where your family members are

Feel free to contact our tracing services on the address shown below. If you have further questions on this page, you could find a form attached, where you can see the essential fields, for which we need information, so we could conduct a search outside or inside the country of Bulgaria. You can fill the form on your own, or if you have difficulties (with the language or other) with the help of our experts. On more information about International our Tracing Services, visit:

Can I do something right now?
On, you will find photographs of people who are also looking for their loved ones. If you recognize yourself as someone sought, and would like to reconnect with the person shown, please contact us (you can find contact info at the bottom of the page). If you wish, we can publish your photo online, too, after you have filed a tracing request. On more information:

Do you need help on reuniting with your family?

If you have your wife, husband or children up to 18, (or you yourself are under 18) in another country

The Tracing Services help to bring together family members who are separated from each other by wars, armed conflicts or disasters. However, our support is subject to prior approval by the authorities, but if you fall in the categories mentioned don’t hesitate to contact us, so we could evaluate your case and assist you with what we could.

Are you having difficulties on communicating with your family members due to wars, armed conflicts or disasters? Is someone from your family detained somewhere (e.g. prison, detention camp)and you can’t contact him?

The Tracing Services of the Bulgarian Red Cross enable the exchange of messages between family members where normal means of communication are not working (any more). These Red Cross Messages sometimes are the only means of contact between war prisoners, people in detention and their families. If are experiencing such problems, please contact us, based on the contact information given below.

In addition to that, we also have the possibility to provide you with a brief phone call with your family members, in order to let you find out how they are and exchange family news, if you have their contact information.

All information shared with the Bulgarian Red Cross will be held confidential, unless you want it public, to benefit the search.

Please refer to our tracing services after you have tried all other means of contact with your relative.

All our services are free.

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