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The Bulgarian Red Cross helps people who have lost touch with their loved ones due to wars, armed conflicts, disasters, migration or threats to their lives in the country where they were born or are currently. Restoring family ties is an activity born of an idea with a long tradition. In 1859, on his return from the battlefield at Solferino / Italy, the Swiss humanist and founder of the Red Cross, Henri Dunant, collected letters and messages from dying and wounded soldiers to convey their last words to their families.
There is only hope for thousands of people…
Worrying about the fate of your loved ones is human!

As GIFTS, you help to: Restore contact between lost relationships, each other, families.

What we provide by raising funds:
In order to continue to carry out this activity for free, we need financial support for:

  • Purchase of telephones and SIM cards;
  • Payment of subscriptions for:
  • Internet;
  • Telephone plans with the ability to talk to the whole world;
  • Providing translation;
  • Providing the needs for social activities.

NB: The Bulgarian Red Cross does not provide financial resources to family members to whom we have assisted in restoring contact. The nature of the service does not imply this.
NB: All the services we provide are free! All information shared with the Bulgarian Red Cross is confidential, unless you want it to be made public to aid the search.

Where we are looking for:
- in the country:
-at external addresses;
-in prison;
- in the open and closed centers for detention of foreign citizens;
-in Europe and the world - the Bulgarian Red Cross communicates with 192 national companies, which, like us, provide the service "Restoring family ties". In every country that provides asylum to migrants or refugees, there is a National Red Cross / Red Crescent Society or a mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross, to which we can inquire about a lost person and find him with the help of our colleagues.

What we have achieved:
Over 1600 processed cases of restoration of contact between families.
Over 500 successfully completed cases.
Over 1113 provided free mobile calls between separated relatives.
Over 250 counseling, guidance and support for separated family members.

You can support us by donating:

  • By bank transfer to:

BG 06 UNCR 7630 1000 03 02 65


BULGARIAN RED CROSS, Sofia 1407, 76 James Boucher Blvd.
Phones: +359 88 866 80 58; +359 88 400 73 63 (on this number you can also contact us via WhatsApp and Viber)
E-mail address:
Kalinka Yankova -
Polina Hristova -