The Bulgarian Red Cross and CreDirect continue their partnership

On March 1, 2021, the Bulgarian Red Cross and the fast loan brand CreDirect re-signed the cooperation agreement between the two countries for another year. Supporting the National Donation Fund in support of children injured in road accidents remains one of the main priorities for the financial brand.
The partnership between the Bulgarian Red Cross and CreDirect started in 2018, when the online credit brand prioritized its social activities and joined the National Fundraising Campaign "Together we can do more" to support the treatment and rehabilitation of children injured in road accidents. With monthly donations in favor of this cause, CreDirect has supported and encouraged other businesses to join the noble endeavor using the motto "Be with us". Satisfaction with the joint results achieved in the past period is the best stimulus for both parties, which leads to the continuation of the partnership.
The campaign "Together we can do more" ended at the end of 2019, but the National Donation Fund continues to raise funds to ensure the treatment and rehabilitation of children throughout the year.
Unfortunately, in 2020, this cause was left in the background at the expense of other initiatives and programs organized in support of the fight against coronavirus. However, the management of CreDirect unanimously decided that the focus and financial assistance should continue to focus on the problem of child road injuries.

The results of the joint efforts of the members of the Fund, as well as other independent donors show that since its founding in 2005, 879 children have been supported . Their number will certainly continue to grow, as such a cause cannot be ignored. However, the main goal of the Fund, in addition to fundraising, is the prevention of road accidents, especially among children.