#selfieless cause is just about to spread in Bulgaria as well. The people all over Europe accept the #selfieless challenge to turn their cameras away from themselves and focus on doing good deeds for other people.

#selfieless Movement started by Canon Europe, donating 1 million Euros to the Red Cross. They are making a substantial and worthwhile donation to the Red Cross who will be using this donation to help support vulnerable people through Red Cross health and social care projects. Canon Bulgaria were among the first joining the campaign by donating funds to the Bulgarian Red Cross for development of the artistic talents of children with special needs.

The mission of #selfieless is for a better Christmas this year. We want to inspire a generation, more used to taking selfies (on an average day, people shoot 93 million selfies) to turn the attention toward the others this Christmas. We’re asking people to join our campaign, because we believe the holiday season is a time to do good for others and spread goodwill far and wide.

#selfieless is about people stopping to think of others – then doing something good for someone. Some example of that could be to donate old clothes to poor people; to give blood; to feed the needy street people, etc.

The campaign is about acts of selfless giving - under the banner of #selfieless. Everyone can join in, just by doing an act of selfless giving (big or small) and sharing it on social media with the hash tag #selfieless and then to invite three of his/her friends to do so.

The organizers of the campaign hope that by promoting these acts it will encourage others to do the same and help make this festive season a little brighter for a lot of people.

It is time to turn our cameras the other way and to focus other people!
Let our holidays be #selfieless!