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Observed House "Colorful House"
The observed housing of the Bulgarian Red Cross "Colorful House" was established within the project "Social program for providing services and support to children and young people leaving social institutions", which is implemented with the support of the Velux Foundation and the International Federation of Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies.

The activity of the monitored housing is aimed at providing shelter and support to young people aged from 18 to 29, physically and mentally healthy, who are raised in specialized institutions for children. The purpose of the service is the reintegration of young people into society by raising their education and professional qualifications and acquiring basic skills for independent living in a family-like environment. The capacity of the house is 12 people, and the length of stay - from three months to one year, depending on the individual needs of young people.

Within the social service the young people are provided with social and psychological consultations concerning:

  • The choice of possible alternatives for continuing an education and a training in a profession, including inclusion in an evening and individual form of training for secondary education, in educational courses tailored to the capabilities and interests of the young people, applying to universities;

  • Career guidance and motivation for the right professional choice, including training for job search skills, for behavior during an interview with an employer, for the formation of work habits and perseverance in the performance of professional duties;

  • Daily living and social skills - training in time planning, budgeting, goal setting, communication skills, mastering effective behavioral patterns;

  • Formation of a sense of confidence and competitiveness, of adequate self-esteem.

We motivate young people to work, to know their civil rights and obligations, to pay taxes, to find a permanent job and accommodation, to start an independent life.

The "Colorful House" opened its doors in January 2012. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the activity presented so far, we are looking for new partners for the cause of the Observed Home.

Bank Account:
IBAN: BG16UNCR76301078151460
Bank: Unicredit Bulbank

For contact: Bulgarian Red Cross Youth
tel. +359 2 81 64 771

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