Aggression – Humanity – Cinema

Between 17th and 21st November 2016, Varna is hosting the Autumn Academy of the International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films. The theme of the Academy for this year is “Aggression - Humanity - Cinema”. The Academy program includes lectures, discussions, working sessions with eminent lectors, among them Prof. Bozhidar Manov, International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films Art Director, Dr Slavita Djambazova, Vice General Director, Bulgarian Red Cross, Emil Spahiiski, journalist, newspaper “Trud” observer, Maxim Behar, CEO, PR Communications group, Stefan Kitanov, Sofia Film Fest Director, Toma Tomov, journalist, political commentator, Savina Rupenlieva, Ministry of Tourism, Martichka Bozilova, filmmaker.

The Academy includes also films programs in SOK Kamchia, free addmission. For the guests and citizen of Varna a special program of films is selected. Screenings are in the Municipality of Varna Plenary Hall with free admittance. The program includes premiere for Bulgaria films as well as films to be screened only in the frames of the Academy – from China, Indonesia, Malaysia.

The Autumn Academy of the International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films is organized with the support of the Medical University of Varna and the National Council of the Bulgarian Red Cross in the years between Festivals with competitory programs. During the forum, ideas and positions meet to tackle topical issues among artists, public people, journalists, Red Cross activists, medical experts. In lectures, discussions, workshops, screening of documentary and feature films topical information runs from and to professionalists, information needed for every active member of the society to allow him make a responsible choice.

Festival of Festivals
“Festival of Festivals” is the organizer of annual meetings of festivals, a forum to exchange information, experience, to discuss upon topical issues, where experts share know-how.

“Festival of Festivals”, organized with the cooperation of the Medical University of Varna and the National Council of the Bulgarian Red Cross, is a tutorial forum in the frames of the International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films. The target groups for the forum are the cultural events organizers like art directors, executive directors and program directors, selectors and consultants, marketing offices, press offices, technical bureaus and accreditation offices as well as companies specialized in services for festivals – advertising agencies, illumination and audio-video services, scenography and requisite workshops, graphic and web-designing offices. The forum allows comparing the levels achieved and initiating of new cooperation, aimed at compatibility and efficiency of the sector. Participants could be also agencies and institutions working for encouraging and implementation of cultural events.

“Festival of Festivals” is also targeted at marketing departments of companies that invest in, or intend to invest in, sponsoring of events, making in this way a purposeful and direct communication with the user, thus reaching end results without losses. Participants in the “Festival of Festivals” are also institutions, master classes and specialized courses training experts in the field of cultural events, as well as students and ambitious professionals, as in this way the “Festival of Festivals” provokes between them a firsthand and successful dialogue. The event opens its doors to all fens and consumers of festival events, offering them the opportunity to get to know from the closest distance the dynamics and the cultural offer of the festival system. Hopefully, the Forum is going to arise interests in the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Bulgaria, for the fact that the festivals in all their varieties comprise an essential part of the cultural tourism.

For more information visit the web site of the Festival