Helping refugees in Bulgaria
The campaign is organized to support the state efforts to overcome the crisis situation and to provide humanitarian essential assistance to hundreds of refugee families left homeless.
During a press conference the Deputy Minister of Interior - Head of the National Operational Headquarters, Vasil Marinov provided extensive information about the complicated situation in the country and needs of people in shelters.

Vasil Marinov also expressed his gratitude to the Bulgarian Red Cross for the preparedness to react adequately and at the request of the state to organize a "National Charity Campaign to support the refugees in Bulgaria". “The National Operational Headquarter took a decision to ask Bulgarian Red Cross to support the people on the territory of the county. The State Refugees Agency capacity was 1,230 accommodations and currently there are 4 044. 670 out of them are children, including 98 who are unaccompanied minors. Almost half of these 4,044 people are Syrians” said Vasil Marinov.

The President of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Hristo Grigorov said that the Bulgarians could support the National Charity Campaign by sending text messages to short number 1466, provided by the mobile operators, bank transfers and online donations on the Bulgarian Red Cross website. He also added that the funds raised during the campaign will be directed by the National Operational Headquarters based on the current assessment of the ever-changing needs of support. "This headquarter was established by mandate of the Prime Minister Oresharski on August, 20. It comprises representatives of the Ministries of Health, Interior and Foreign Affairs, Defense, the State Agency for Refugees, the Red Cross and other concerned institutions. The situation is so dynamic that we could not predict how many people will come and what will be their essential needs. With the funds raised we will provide food items in the shelters so that at least once a day these people will get a hot meal. I believe that this campaign will enable all of us together to support the people that do not choose the fate of refuges, but are forced to leave their homes and livelihoods, seeking security and humanitarian protection", said Hristo Grigorov.