The Bulgarian Red Cross and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a joint national campaign
The Bulgarian Red Cross and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a joint national campaign "Bulgaria helps Pakistan.
It is in response to the Appeal of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies aiming at raising funds in order to meet the growing humanitarian needs after the severe floods in this Asian country. The funds raised will help the Red Crescent of Pakistan to reach over 910,000 people through emergency health services, tents and shelter kits, medical care, clean water and improved sanitation, as well as to support the recovery of livelihoods of the affected population in the coming months.
The President of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Hristo Grigorov expressed confidence that the campaign will reach all Bulgarians. He said: "We must not forget 2005, when the world community helped Bulgaria during the major floods in our country. What is happening now in Pakistan is a great tragedy, which should not leave us indifferent."
Minister Nikolay Mladenov thanked the Red Cross, which once again urgently responded to the humanitarian crisis in such a distant country, little known by Bulgarians and confirmed its leading position among European Red Cross societies. "Human charity - Minister Mladenov said - has no boundaries". The Bulgarian nation has always expressed solidarity and I am confident that this time will contribute to overcoming one of the greatest human tragedies affecting more then 20 million people. From our own history we know how important solidarity between peoples and nations is. Once again we will show that Bulgaria can help.
Her Excellency Mrs. Kausar Ahsan Iqbal, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Bulgaria, said that this initiative will be remembered as a symbol of brotherhood and friendship between Bulgaria and Pakistan. Mrs. Iqbal thanked the Red Cross and the Foreign Ministry's initiative on behalf of the government of her country.
The campaign "Bulgaria helps Pakistan" will raise funds through SMS to short charity number 1255 valid for all mobile operators, and through a special bank account.
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Bulgarian Red Cross for the victims in Pakistan

5000 Bulgarian Leva will be the first installment on the account and will be made by the BRC, said the President Hristo Grigorov. The campaign will continue for a minimum of one month. The organizers called on all citizens and businesses in Bulgaria to support "Bulgaria helps Pakistan" and to express their compassion for the human suffering. Eight million Pakistanis are on the brink of survival: without home, household belongings, food or ceven lean water, settled in temporary shelters and endangered by serious infectious diseases.