new clothes and shoes; sleepwear; warm blankets; hygienic materials; tents, lanterns, batteries and generators.

Due to the ever-growing need for support for the affected population in Ukraine, at the request of the Ukrainian Red Cross and in coordination and cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, the Bulgarian Red Cross announced a campaign on February 27, 2022 to raise material donations.

The most urgent are the needs for:

➡️ new men's, women's and children's clothes and shoes;

➡️ bed linen;

➡️ warm blankets;

➡️ hygienic materials.

Donations will be accepted in the regional structures of the Bulgarian Red Cross in the country (addresses and telephone numbers of all regional organizations can be seen on the BRC website here , and for Sofia - in the central building of the organization at 76 James Boucher Blvd.).

The Bulgarian Red Cross appeals to Bulgarian manufacturers for empathy for the victims, urging them to support the campaign with the above essential items, as well as to the best of their ability with:

➡️ tents, tent heaters, lanterns, batteries and generators.

The campaign is implemented with the media support of BTV Media Group.

Thousands of people need our help now! Let's show them that together we can do more!

For contact and information:

From 8:00 to 17:00 every day:

☎️ Lubomir Karakanovski - 02 4923 070,

☎️ Marina Shekhova - 02 4923 027.