Information about the fundraising campaign

Thanks again to all those who responded on the first day of our call to help the victims of the conflict in Ukraine. In connection with the many inquiries received, we inform you that:

In support of the cause - on February 27, 2022, volunteer teams for fundraising were formed at all regional centers of the Bulgarian Red Cross. In accordance with the requirements for sending goods and donations to a humanitarian convoy during a pandemic, the guidelines of the WHO and the International Red Cross are observed, according to which all clothing and footwear, bed linen, warm blankets and hygiene materials must be new.

For donations of used clothes , the Bulgarian Red Cross provides the opportunity to deposit them in specially designed containers with the logo of the organization.

The Bulgarian Red Cross understands the importance of the provided clothes not only as a basic need, but also as important for the preservation of human dignity. The BRC maintains a disaster reserve , which can be additionally provided in case of continuing need for humanitarian assistance. These stocks are treated according to all sanitary requirements.