In 11 months, the mountain rescuers helped 2185 victims in the mountains

Press conference on the readiness of the PSS for the winter season

Mountain rescuers helped 2,185 victims in the mountains between January 1 and December 5 this year. This was announced by Emil Neshev, director of the Mountain Rescue Service (MSS ) at the Bulgarian Red Cross (BRC) during a press conference on the service's readiness for the winter season. And at the moment, the mountain rescuers are already fully equipped and prepared to meet the active tourist season, pointed out the chairman of the BCHK academician Hristo Grigorov. He emphasized that the mountain, especially in winter, is extremely attractive, but it should be approached with respect and attention.

The Mountain Rescue Service of the BRC has the capacity to provide expert assistance in establishing a structure dealing with aerial rescue. It is the only service in Bulgaria that can organize training with the Petzl Lezard specialized device - one of the mandatory elements in modern helicopter rescue. " We have facilities and personnel, we also have experience. With great impatience, we await when the helicopters will appear in Bulgaria, as their absence is palpable" , said Emil Neshev.

The Chairman of the Board of the PSS Veselin Ganchev thanked all the sponsors and donors who have supported the cause of the PSS in the past year. According to him, modern requirements regarding equipment and apparatus are constantly increasing, and with it, the need for additional financial resources.

The Chief Secretary of the BCHK and member of the Board of the PSS, Dr. Sofia Stoimenova , called for urgent changes to be made in the Law on Protection in the event of disasters and accidents, as well as in the Labor Code, which will allow volunteers to be released from work during rescue operations. shares. " This is particularly important for mountain rescuers, as the service has 47 full-time and over 500 volunteer rescuers," recalled Dr. Stoimenova.

During the press conference, the most important safety rules in the winter mountains were again recalled: advance route planning, appropriate equipment, charged mobile phones and, if possible, an extra battery, enough high-calorie food and fluids.

You can see more information about the activities of the PSS in 2022 in the attached file.