The provision of financial aid for the most affected households in the flooded villages on the territory of the Karlovo municipality has begun.

The funds can be received at the post offices of "Bulgarian Posts", which, within the framework of an agreement signed with the BRC, provide the service of transferring funds free of charge. Applications for financial support are submitted to the town halls of the villages of Karavelovo, Slatina, Bogdan, Hristo Danovo and Voinyagovo by the owners of the affected properties. 390 households /1179 people / in the villages of Karavelovo, Slatina, Bogdan, Hristo Danovo and Voynyagovo will receive unconditional financial support in the amount of BGN 940 . to cover the most urgent expenses, incl. purchase of new household appliances, furniture and building materials.

The funds, with a total value of BGN 581,000 , were presented following a request that the BRC made to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent under the Fund for Immediate Assistance in Disasters, due to the large scale of the damage in the municipality of Karlovo.

The Bulgarian Red Cross will support a total of 5,000 people in the territory of the Karlovo municipality with hygiene packages containing preparations for cleaning and disinfecting the flooded houses. The provision of psychosocial support to the victims continues. Informational materials will also be printed, and visits by BCH teams to educational institutions in the territory of Karlovo municipality are planned, with the aim of training for preparedness and response to disasters, accidents and crises.

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