Лятна антиСПИН кампания
BMCHK has been a partner in the Ministry of Health campaign for more than 30 years

The Bulgarian Youth Red Cross is actively involved with various initiatives in the summer anti-AIDS campaign as a partner of the Ministry of Health . It takes place from today until August 31 throughout the country and is the fourth, final stage of the annual National Anti-AIDS campaign.

Volunteers of the BMCHK from Plovdiv, Smolyan, Haskovo, Silistra, Pleven, Razgrad, Sliven, Razgrad, Pernik, Montana and other cities in the country, together with experts from the regional health inspections, will distribute health and educational materials with information about the disease and the possibilities for free and anonymous research, will conduct trainings and discussions on the topic "Prevention of HIV/AIDS".

In Veliko Tarnovo, young people from the BMCHK clubs will conduct an information campaign with the distribution of materials and condoms. Volunteers of BMCHK-Pernik together with RZI experts will participate in campaign events in Pernik, Radomir and Breznik. In Sliven, an educational meeting will be held on the topic of representatives of RZI and BMCHK with health mediators from the municipalities of Sliven, Nova Zagora, Tvarditsa and Kotel. A mobile laboratory for anonymous testing for HIV/AIDS will be located in Tvarditsa, and volunteers will conduct a survey on knowledge about the infection. Mobile testing stations will also be opened in Razgrad, where young people will distribute information materials and invite everyone to check their HIV status. As part of the National summer anti-AIDS campaign, volunteers of BMCHK-Haskovo and experts of RZI will distribute informational materials at three swimming pools in the city, a favorite place to relax on hot summer days. In Pleven, volunteers will participate in training on the topic of "Prevention of HIV/AIDS", shoot an educational video and organize thematic games aimed at their peers.

Information about the campaign will be published on social networks, where the possibility of online training will be promoted on the electronic platform of the BRC at the address:

The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness among young people and people at risk of infection about the ways of transmission and protection from HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections.