BRC provides 800 family food packages for the Burgas region

In connection with the critical situation in the territory of the Burgas region as a result of the heavy rains and after a request made by the regional governor Plamen Yanev, the Bulgarian Red Cross provides 800 family food packages containing 10 kg of essential products, which will be distributed to the most the needy.

If necessary, the organization will also provide 100 sleeping sets from its disaster reserve - camping bed, mattress, pillow, duvet and sheets. 10 tons of mineral water from donors have also been provided, which will be delivered on site.

The BRC continues to monitor the situation and maintain constant communication with the local authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the DG PBZN. A team of the Regional Organization of BRC-Burgas is already on site in Tsarevo. A second team from Sofia also traveled to the disaster site.