Training of paramedics
Deadline for submission of documents until 31.12.2023.
The National Training Center of the BRC, in partnership with the Center for Professional Education "Progress and Knowledge", launched training in the profession "Paramedic - transport of injured and sick people, providing first aid and assistance in emergency departments" third degree of qualification.

The training will start on 12.01.2024 . and will be held according to a program consistent with the State educational requirements and approved by NAPOO, with a duration of 960 study hours, divided into three semesters, daily form of study /Saturday-Sunday/.

- First semester / theoretical preparation/;

- Second semester /practical preparation/;

- The third semester internship program will be held at the Center for Emergency Medical Assistance - Sofia.

Those who successfully pass the state exam in theory and practice will receive a certificate to practice the profession.

The tuition fee for the entire course is BGN 2,900/two thousand nine hundred payable in four installments. First installment - BGN 800. upon submission of the documents and 3 installments of BGN 700 each. at the beginning of each semester.

Deadline for submission of documents until 31.12.2023. Enrollment for participation in the course is done at the "Progress and Knowledge" CPO, Sofia, 1 "Filipovsko Shose" St., or at the CPO at the Bulgarian Red Cross, with the address: Lozen Village, "Polovrag" St. 31.


Necessary documents:

1. Application / sample /

2. Secondary education diploma /original and copy/

3. ID card

4. Driver's license /category B, M/

5. Medical certificate

6. Photos – 4 pcs. passport format

7. Document for paid fee /first installment/


The fee for participation in the course can be sent to the cash desk in the NULC of the BCH - Lozen, with the address: Lozen village, 31 "Polovrag" Str., or to a bank account:


IBAN: BG98UNCR96601010037800



For more information - 0879 86 44 67; 0876 44 97 25; 0882 98 89 02; 0889 60 12 20