MRS and BRC: Do not underestimate the dangers in the mountains

In connection with the expected change in atmospheric conditions and the expected snowfall and cold weather , the Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) at the Bulgarian Red Cross recalls the basic rules for your safety in the mountains. Among the most important conditions are the planning and preparation of the route, the selection of suitable clothing and shoes, the stocking of food and liquids, the correct equipment and its use. Check the weather forecast before heading out into the mountains and be prepared to change or abandon your initial plan if the weather turns unfavorable.

The mountain rescuers of the BCHK are prepared to provide assistance in the mountains. In 2023, in addition to their material availability, special equipment was purchased for over 100 thousand BGN (extremely important for their work), as well as 3 ATV machines, 2 snowmobiles, an all-terrain vehicle, GPS devices, a rescue cart and new stretchers.

The material base available to the mountain rescuers is sufficient to provide assistance in the event of accidents in the mountains and to save human lives, as well as to ensure the normal course of the upcoming ski season. MRS is the only organization in Bulgaria that has been engaged in mountain rescue for over 90 years and develops its activity in accordance with the principles of the Red Cross and its traditions. The MRS at the BRC carries out its operational work with over 500 active mountain rescuers, distributed in 32 rescue squads.

Remember that regardless of the help you will receive from the mountain rescuers, you should not underestimate the conditions in the mountains, as the appropriate equipment, mountaineering training are also your responsibility.

If you need help, call 112 or the Central 24-hour post of the Mountain Rescue Service at the BRC - 02 963 2000 . You can also report on the free mobile application of the MRS. Mountain rescuers advise and expect you to take out mountain insurance.