May 8 - World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day
Keeping humanity alive!

196 years ago , the creator of the international Red Cross movement and the first winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in the world, Henri Dunant, was born.

On May 8 this year, under the title " Keeping humanity alive" , more than 300 million people in 192 countries celebrate their holiday - World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. These people are among the first responders in disasters, crises and armed conflicts, in need of health or social care. These are the people who selflessly help millions of vulnerable and needy people.

Our global network's approach is universal – mobilizing the power of humanity to save lives and alleviate suffering. We are national and international, independent and neutral, united, and everything we do is from the heart.

Dear colleagues and volunteers,

dear red crossers,

partners and like-minded people,

We live in a turbulent time that confronts humanity with more and greater challenges. Extreme temperatures, earthquakes, floods and armed conflicts are increasingly common, and overcoming their consequences requires our combined efforts. That is why we are proud that today the Red Cross idea in Bulgaria unites almost 142,000 members, and thanks to the efforts of the BRC employees and 17,000 volunteers, nearly 1 million people have touched the organization's activities. In the past year 2023 alone, with joint efforts we managed to support more than 218,000 people, of which nearly 11,000 are disadvantaged children. Over 618,000 vulnerable Bulgarian citizens are currently receiving food from the Food and Basic Material Assistance Program.

What we do today determines the future of our children. That's why, on World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, we celebrate the spirit of humanity and give well-deserved recognition to people who change the world around them, give their time, heart and soul to others, inspire them and encourage them to work for a better future.

We address with words of gratitude to everyone in the large family of the Bulgarian Red Cross, who selflessly give their work, knowledge and skills for the benefit of society, to our partners - state institutions, local authorities, the corporate sector, donors and like-minded people, to all Bulgarian citizens without whom we could not help fully and be as strong. And we are strong because we are together!

Happy holiday!

From the management