Mr. Elhadj As Sy is leading the activity of 190 National Societies, members of the biggest humanitarian organization in the world.
He is in Bulgaria at the invitation of the BRC leadership and in expression of high estimation of the activity of our organization both in our country and abroad.

During his visit in BRC Headquarter, the Secretary General of the most powerful humanitarian movement in the world was acquainted with the capacity and the readiness of BRC for disaster response and in strong migration stream of people, as well as with capacity of the organization to support the government in the humanitarian sphere – in solving social and health problems in assistance of the vulnerable groups of the society.

Mr. As Sy congratulated the staff members of the organization for their activity and gave a high estimation on behalf of the Federation of the BRC activity not only in the country, but also abroad.

According to Decision of the National Council of BRC, The President, Mr. Grigorov awarded the Secretary General with BULGARIAN RED CROSS MEDAL OF MERIT – GOLD for the contribution in strengthening the universal coverage and influence of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and its volunteers, in supporting the most vulnerable people in disasters and crises, as well as in other humanitarian challenges of our time.

In expression of gratitude for the whole IFRC/RC policy toward migrants and refugees, Sturay, a refuge woman from Afghanistan and a BRC social worker in Refugee-Migration Centre, gave the guest a special souvenir, made by refugee women.

During his visit in Bulgaria, Mr. Elhadj As Sy and his delegation met with Mrs. Margarita Popova, the Vice-President, of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Boiko Borissova, Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Ivaylo Kalfin, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Policy and with Mr. Rumen Alexandrov, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Exterior. During the meetings was accentuated on the good coordination and cooperation between the governmental institutions and BRC in the process of humanitarian support of the vulnerable groups in our society and was given a high estimation of the quick and adequate disaster response. The Secretary General of IFRC/RC received a confirmation by the government leaders for their future support of the Bulgarian Red Cross.

„The International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent have always been and will continue to be on the side of poor and vulnerable people, people in need. The Bulgarian Red Cross is among the eldest organizations, we have been working with very successfully”, said the Secretary General, Mr. Elhadj As Sy. He added that Bulgaria must be proud with its resource and capacity of volunteers, BRC have for disaster response and for meeting the humanitarian needs in case crises.