Host of the work meeting of the European Network for the Development of Volunteering (ENDOV) was the German Red Cross. It was attended by representatives of 19 European National Societies, including the Bulgarian Red Cross, the office of the IFRC / RC - Geneva, Office of the Federation "Europe Zone" - Budapest, the European office of the Red Cross - Brussels.
At the invitation of Mr. Lawrence Bartley, director of "Reception of refugees" to the Bureau "Population, Refugees and Migration," at The State Department U.S.A., Mariana Stoyanova - Programme Manager of the Refugee-Migrants Service of the Bulgarian Red Cross and Anna Andreeva, expert at the State Agency for Refugees took part in mission for resettlement of refugees.
The Report of 2012 is focused on forced migration and displacement of population. The world has more than 72 million forced migrants - one in every hundred people worldwide. These are people who had no choice, they were forced to leave their homes, because of conflicts and violence, political persecution, natural disasters, but also by other factors such as climate changes and environmental degradation.
Desislava Rousseva, the first volunteer of the Red Cross, sent on a mission to the regional office of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the Caribbean region, returned to Bulgaria. During the six months of the mission, she supported 13 national Red Cross Societies in the region for the management of volunteers in situations of disasters and crises.
The Reference center for training in first aid to the IFRC / RC held its regular annual event to introduce the experience of national societies and new practices in teaching first aid, in order to identify major trends in the development of education during the next year.
The "Disaster Management" at the Secretariat of the National Red Cross hosted a training "Depuration of water for domestic use".
Within the project "Home Care for independent and dignified life", on a visit to the Bulgarian Red Cross were Mrs. Suzanne Eglof and Mrs. Janet Bless - experts of the Swiss Red Cross in service quality "home care".
The Refugee-Migrants Service of the Bulgarian Red Cross, UNHCR project "Advocacy and lobbying for the integration of refugees in Bulgaria" performs monthly monitoring of reception centers for refugees to the State Agency for Refugees in Pastrogor, Svilengrad, and Banya-Nova Zagora, and the Special Center for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners, directorate "Migration" of MI in Lyubimets.
At the fifth annual meeting of the regional team, supporting the implementation of the 2008-2018 Strategy of the ICRC to restore family connections, took part representatives of search services by national societies in Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia and Romania, the ICRC Regional Delegation in Belgrade and the European zonal office of the International Federation of Red Cross / Red Crescent in Budapest.