Znepolski Bishop John served water ritual and consecrated the chapel of Nativity of Virgin Mary, built by the Bulgarian Red Cross on the territory of the National Training Center in the village of Lozen.
BRC held its second workshop on the project Self-protection of Children...
Refugee-Migrant Service of the Bulgarian Red Cross provided medical equipment to the National Transport Hospital "Tsar Boris III”.
Games, quizes, asphalt-drawing, rich music program, road accident staging, first aid demonstrations, cycling competition, etc. were part of the World First Aid Day celebrating, which this year was held under the motto "First Aid for a Safer Future."
Ms. Yana Mihaylova - Director of International Cooperation Dept. of the Bulgarian Red Cross took part in the "Partnership without borders" meeting, organized by IFRC/RC.
Traditional Academy for volunteers 2009 summer camp, organized by the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth, was held from 2 to 9 September at the National Training Center of the BRC in Sozopol.
On 5 September this year 55 Bulgarian tourists traveling by ship Ilinden in the Ohrid lake had an accident in which 15 people died.