Solidarity with the Italian Red Cross
The Bulgarian Red Cross is following with anxiety the situation in Italy and has sent a letter of condolences to the Italian Red Cross, expressing its sympathy to the victims’ families and its solidarity with the activities of the thousands of volunteers, helping in the most affected by the earthquake regions.
In the capital city Rome was established a 24–hour Disaster Control Center, in the affected regions there are Mobile Operation Centers of the Red Cross.

The spokesman of the Italian Red Cross, Tomaso Della Longa said that the situation in Amatrice is horrible, the town is completely ruined. The priority at the moment is to find any people alive in the ruins.

The local volunteers are providing psychological support to the survivors, and mobile kitchens are providing food to the people forced to leave their homes.

The Italian Red Cross is constantly providing information about the situation in the affected by the earthquake regions, instructions for the behavior of the population and appeal for solidarity unity and mutual aid.

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