European Project

European Project: Enhancing disaster management preparedness for the older population in the EU - PrepAGE

While some guidelines exist on special requirements for older people in case of disasters, integration of the needs of the target group into emergency and disaster preparedeness programmes remains insufficient in many countries. Older people face additional risks, including isolation, lack of support, impaired mobility and frailty resulting in greater levels of vulnerability in the event of power outages, extreme weather or flooding. The PrepAGE project will identify the needs, structures and measures to prepare and reach older people in emergencies and disasters. The project will also take into account the resources and resilience of older people and bring together experts from the health and social sector and the field of disaster management.

Aims and objectives
The aim of the PrepAGE project is to introduce the special requirements of older people into emergency and disaster preparedness and prevention programmes. Existing procedures in the participating organisations and countries will be looked at. Structures will be put in place to improve access to older people in the event of a disaster, who may be isolated and living at home, have limited resources or mobility impairments. The target group will include emergency and disaster management stakeholders from governmental organizations and civil society. The project will equally focus on older people, health and social care personal and volunteers to raise awareness and improve readiness to assist others in case of emergency or disaster.

Main activities and expected results
  • Community-based exercises will be carried out in partner countries
  • Policy recommendations relevant to each partner country and general recommendations relevant to EU member States, including good practice examples
  • Guidelines for Emergency and Disaster Management organisations on how to incorporate the needs of older people into disaster preparedness plans
  • Adapting existing organisational emergency and disaster management procedures to include preparedness measures for the target group
  • Development of prototype information and materials to be used by local stakeholders

The project is coordinated by the Austrian Red Cross. The University of Innsbruck, the Bulgarian Red Cross, the Croatian Red Cross, the Latvian Red Cross and the British Red Cross are partners in the European project, which runs from April 2014 until March 2016.

Contact:, Tel. 0043 1 589 00 -128