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Who we are

In 2004, the Bulgarian Red Cross established the Care Partners Network with the main goal to support the BRC of assisting for various charitable activities. Founders of the network were some of the biggest commercial companies in Bulgaria, such as Mtel (A1), Publishing House “Unicart’, Hilton Hotel Sofia, etc. Today, the Network unites more than 20 companies from  the corporate sector, including the three mobile operators, Samex Bulgaria, Kaufland Bulgaria, Hippoland, Coca Cola HBK,  Humanita, Tehnosim, etc.

With each partner, BRC implements joint social campaigns and with the raised funds assists different vulnerable groups of the Bulgarian society.
Started with a few campaigns for raising funds for free hot meals at schools for needy Bulgarian children, today the Care Partners Network of BRC is an effective mechanism for promoting corporate social responsibility of the companies, while helping them strengthen their positive image and competitiveness on the market.

Who we help

  • Disadvantaged children, orphans and half-orphans, children from large families and with low social status;
  • Children injured in road accidents;
  • Street children and those from social institutions;
  • People victims of  disasters and crises
  • Lonely, socially disadvantaged and chronically ill elderly individuals;
  • People with disabilities;
  • Other vulnerable groups.

Why should you join the Care Partners Network of BRC

  • Because you will help people in need;
  • Because you are a socially responsible company;
  • Because you will build trust and a positive company image;
  • Because you  will establish and develop business partnerships;
  • Because you will increase your competitiveness in the market.



A1, Vivacom, Telenor

The mobile operators provide for free the short number 1255. Through sending SMS on this number, the clients of the companies donate for once or on regular base 1 BGN for the Hot Meal Programme of BRC.

Hotel Hilton-Sofia
Host of the traditional business breakfasts events to the representatives of the partner organizations of the Network. Raises funds for the BRC Hot Meal
programme through charity events at the hotel.

Publishing House “Unicart”
The publishing house organizes Christmas charity campaigns through the sale of postcards with the Red Cross emblem under the motto "Together to warm a heart of a child!". The funds raised are provided to the BRC programme “Hot meal”. In 2011 10 000 BGN were collected.

Kaufland Bulgaria

The company implements every year two joint national  fundraising campaigns with the BRC on the occasion of Christmas and Easter. Donation cashboxes are put in every supermarket of the chain all over the country. The clients are able to donate their cash for free hot lunches at school for needy children.


BRC and Hippoland organize joint fundraising campaigns to support the Hot Meal Programme. During the noble initiatives, the clients of the chain of stores for children and baby goods “Hippoland” all over the country can buy goods with the BRC brand. The company provides 5 % if each product with BRC logo, sold in the period of the campaign. The funds support Hot Meal Programme of BRC, which for more than 10 years provides free meals at school for needy children. Free lunches help for the physical development of these children. For many of them it is also the only opportunity to go the school regularly.
Coca Cola HBC Bulgaria
On 15 August 2014 Coca Cola HBC Bulgaria joined Care Partners Network. The company donates funds for free meals at school of needy children in the school year 2014/2015 in the municipality of Dragonam, Sofia region.

The operator of the system for electronic payments, provides free services for the set up and maintenance of the electronic donations made on the BRC website.

Easy Pay
From 2011 clients could make a donation in the
Easy Pay offices.

Doris Tenedi Language School

The school organizes charity initiatives-bazaars, concerts and others, through which it raises funds for the National Charity Fund for supporting children, victims of traffic accidents. Students of the school participate in various charity events and celebrations of the BRC. Each year the school provides % of the school taxes of its students to support the treatment of children, victims of traffic accidents.

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Tehnosim Ltd.
Product campaign. The company donates % of its sale in support of the Hot Meal Programme of BRC.


Intercapital Group
Joint initiative for donation of  funds by the clients of the company through Cashterminals for the humanitarian causes of the BRC.


Since 2016 Humanita and BRC has been implementing a joint initiative for old clothes and textile collection in special containers of the company with the logo of the BRC. There 92 containers in the country (60 in Sofia, 18 in Plovdiv, 12 in Varna and 2 in Pernik). For each kg. of donated textile, the company donates financial means for the Fund of the BRC for supporting victims of disasters and crises. With  the good quality clothes the company establishes and maintains a disaster reserve for the humanitarian organization. In case of crises about 1 000 people could be immediately supported.



KFC, Dunkin’Donuts & Nordsee

Every year on the occasion of Christmas the company implements a joint national fundraising campaign with the BRC. The clients of the three chains of restaurants (KFC, Dunkin’Donuts&Nordsee) when buying products can donate through the button for the Hot Meal Programme. In addition the company provides % of the sale of the own products.




DEVIN will support the BRC initiatives by providing financial means and products to support people in need. The donations will be used for campaigns for hydration, health and safety of people, in case of disasters and crises and for other needs in times of emergencies.  The partnership of Devin and BRC comes as a continuation of DEVIN’s contribution to different educational initiatives in relation with healthy hydration and water popularization.

J&T Services

The company donates 10 % of each credit, received by the participation in on-line marketing researches. The funds are for supporting the Hot Meal Programme of the BRC.

PR Consultant 

M3 Communications Group 


Metromedia, Ultra Media, Prime Screen, Sky-Pal
The companies, jointly with the BRC participate in the implementation of media strategies to popularize the various campaigns of the Network. They support the Network pro bono by advertising campaigns in its nontraditional media channels - on monitors placed in the subway stations in the capital city, in large retail chains and in the busses of domestic and international lines.

For contact:
Ekaterina Borissova-Yovova
Tel.: +359 2 49 23 059
e-mail: e.borissova@redcross.bg

Polina Hristova
tel.: +359 2 49 23 059
e-mail: p.hristova@redcross.bg