Become a Volunteer

The Bulgarian Red Cross is an autonomous organisation, which is auxiliary to the State in the field of humanitarian activities, in the preparation for action in situation of marshal law, during military conflicts and disasters, for protection and promotion of the health of the population, and for its education in the spirit of high morals, compassion and charity, as well as in the course of receipt, storage and distribution of aid, provided by foreign states, organizations and citizens for humanitarian, incl. environmental, cultural and educational purposes (Art. 3 of the BRC Act).

The BRC Act was adopted by the Bulgarian parliament in 1995. The organization is registered under the Non-Profit Legal Entities Act. These two laws, the BRC Statutes, the Statutes of the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and the IFRC Constitution are the basic documents governing the rights and duties of the National Society.

The BRC is the largest non-governmental organization in Bulgaria, having a four-level organisational structure (Association, Municipal, Regional and National level). Led by the Movements' Fundamental Principles it carries out in the most efficient way activities and provides services to the vulnerable groups among the population and creates social structures, which strengthen the civil society. The existence of volunteers networks in every region, municipality and settlement, enables the BRC work with the local communities, in identifying the needs and their solutions, thus building local capacity and reducing vulnerability. Due to its long-term traditions and innovative approaches in its voluntary service, the BRC has been twice granted international awards for contemporary volunteer management.

At national and regional level, alongside volunteers, the organization has professional expert teams, while its' association and municipal levels are solely based on volunteers. The organization applies a systematic approach in monitoring and evaluation of its structures, it has a multilevel system for education and training of volunteers and staff. This enables its effective and adequate action in favor of the vulnerable people and is the basis for sustainable Red Cross activities and services implemented through projects and programs in various activity areas.

If you would like to join the Bulgarian RC as a volunteer, or if you have some questions concerning volunteering, please, write to or call +359 2 4923 072