EU Food Aid Programme

With regard to the execution of the yearly plan for distribution of foods from the interventional storages of the European Union, the Bulgarian Red Cross was specified as the organization which should distribute foodstuffs to vulnerable people in 2008.

The programme was implemented on the territory of the whole country, as through three shipments a total of 3,604,604 kg of flour were supplied in 24 warehouses of BRC. A total of 561 delivery stations were opened, in which the beneficiaries received the due quantity of flour. The people subject to support were determined by Regulation No.18 of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, and the lists of names were prepared by the Agency for social assistance. They included beneficiaries who have received energy relief funds from the State in the period 2006-2007. The vulnerable people involved in the programme received a total of 3,145,128 kg of flour. The other 459,314 kg were distributed after a list approved by the Paying Agency to 401 social institutions. 162 kg were given to the RIPCPH (Regional Inspectorate for Protection and Control of Public Health) for performing the necessary laboratory analyses of the flour. Such a large-scale programme for humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people is implemented for the first time in the country. The Bulgarian Red Cross succeeded to mobilize its staff employees and numerous volunteers, who, despite the great difficulties and challenges, worked responsibly in the course of months, so that the relief may reach the people. The management of the organization expresses its gratitude to all the people who have participated in the programme implementation.