Breaking the Taboo

Breaking the Taboo Two
"Developing and testing tools to train the trainer"

Duration: December 2009 - December 2011
European Coordination: Austrian Red Cross - Charlotte Str?mpel, Cornelia Hackl
Funded by: European Commission, the DAPHNE III-Programme 2007 - 2013,  DG Justice, Freedom and Security

Description of the project: Research on violence against older women shows, that violence and other forms of abuse often occur in the immediate family. However, violence against older women in need of care is still a taboo and therefore even less visible in society than violence against younger women. Professionals who work in community health and social services are often the only persons who have access to the target group. It is thus very important that these staff members have the sensitivity and skills to detect and assess problematic situations and the knowledge and competence to act accordingly. The Breaking the Taboo Two-project (BtT2) builds on the previous project "Breaking the Taboo" - that showed that many health and social service providers do not have clear organisational procedures dealing with abuse against older women. Hence, organisations working with older people need to develop standards, procedures and staff members as peer advisors who are trained with respect to these issues. It was also recommended to strengthen cooperation and networks between victim protection organisations and community health and care organisations. The project aims to develop and design a curriculum to train professionals working in the field of community health and social services based on the brochure and the design for workshops for staff developed within the "Breaking the Taboo" project.

The project aims to:
  • Enable senior staff and/or trainers to carry out one-day workshops on "violence against older women within the family - recognizing and acting" with staff members who work in older people's own homes (e.g. nurses, nursing assistants, home helpers, social workers)
  • Train staff members to act as peer advisers within community health and social service organisations
  • Develop and suggest a module on violence against older women within the family for inclusion in basic vocational training of staff members who work in older people's

The main products of the project will be:
  • A European research report 
  • The design of a 1-day workshop on "violence against women within the family: recognizing and acting" for staff in community health and social services 
  • A train the trainer curriculum in each partner language to enable facilitators to conduct the 1-day workshop and act as peer advisers 
  • A 5-day joint trans-national pilot workshop 

Implementation and dissemination activities in the partner countries

Project partners:
Austria: Research Institute of the Red Cross - Julia Edthofer, Erentraud
Belgium: LACHESIS - Office of Expertise on Ageing and Gender in cooperation with the Flemish Reporting Point for Elderly abuse - Els Messelis 
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Red Cross - Evelina Milusheva, Desislava Ilieva
Portugal:  CESIS - Centro de Estudos para a Interven??o Social - Helo?sa Perista, Isabel Baptista
Slovenia: University of Maribor, Faculty of Health Sciences - Peter Kokol, Helena Blazun, Majda Japelj

Associated Partners: Red Cross - EU Office - Eberhard Lueder

Evaluation: ISIS - Institut f?r Soziale Infrastruktur - Karin Stiehr, Constance Ohms;